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Frisky Hug x kandi bar (12-pack)


Everyone knows @friskyhug is an absolute festival fiend. We also love his spicy and uncensored take on the EDM community, which is reflected in this completely adult pack.

"Rave Fam! I made you the most sexually hysterical kandi pack in existence. Like this shit is 100% off the brick, tests straight to black, fire kandi. The phrases and color designs may have been picked by yours truly but inspired by all the frisky disky people I've had the pleasure of meeting at festivals. I hope that whoever you trade this kandi to will get a laugh out of it (I'll even settle for a chuckle.) If you see me at a festival, trade of of these kandi pieces to me if you want to make my day. Thank you all for the continuous love and support."

  • made with premium 7mm pony beads
  • ultra-durable, stretchy thread
  • one size fits all
  • pre-made, no-stress, no-mess