Custom kandi

Need custom kandi for your event or party? 

kandi bar can help! We've been creating the best kandi to wear and trade since 2018 and we're happy to help bring your vision to life with custom kandi!

Here's what you need to know: 

  • Custom kandi orders take 8-10 weeks to fulfil
  • Minimum 1000+ pieces, NO MAXIMUM (we can produce quantities in the hundreds of thousands)
  • We can customize everything from bracelet text to bead type, color, and pattern
  • Charms and special beads are available
  • Custom acrylic charms or hangtags with your logo or design can be added
  • Seamless, interactive design process
  • Quality guaranteed 

We've done custom orders for brands, artists, festivals, record labels, corporate events, weddings, you name it -- the options are endless...

For questions, pricing, or to place a custom kandi order, please email