PLUR creators

do you cringe when you hear "plur is dead" or die a little on the inside when someone says that no one trades kandi anymore?

yeah -- us too!

we believe kandi is special. we believe kandi creates magical moments of connection which leads to beautiful memories and unmatched friendships.

kandi is an important part of the rave tradition. and the reason for our core values: peace, love, unity, and respect. 

with so many reasons to worry "the culture has shifted" and "raves have changed" -- we're here to make sure it doesn't and we need your help to tell that story!

we can make enough kandi to keep the rave world trading, but YOU'RE the only way we can get the word out about how and why to trade.

the kandi bar page features a diverse lineup of creators showing what kandi means to them and how it enhances every festival experience.

join our team of PLUR creators and help us continue the tradition of trading kandi. there's no commitment to join and unlimited potential...

tier 1: friends

kandi bar friends will receive: 

  • free kandi pack when you join
  • 50% off kandi bar for personal use and gifting
  • early access to limited edition kandi releases
  • co-create new designs for upcoming collections
  • exclusive giveaway opportunities for your followers
  • discounts on custom kandi with your username or unique tagline
  • fun happy hours and calls with other awesome creators

tier 1: expectations

  • share the love ❤️ just help carry on the tradition of kandi and educate the next generation of ravers on your page and at live events. tell your community about how kandi bar can help more people get into trading and tag us in some of your rave content when you wear kandi
  • send us your favorite photos, videos, reels, etc. each month to feature on our page - it can be however much or little you want

tier 2: besties

kandi bar besties will get everything friends gets PLUS:

  • paid festival content creation opportunities (up to $250 per event!)
  • FREE kandi packs and personal customs
  • paid creation opportunities via TikTok, reels, professional photo shoots, and more

tier 2: expectations

  • upload at least 4 pieces of content per month to our shared folder
  • make 2 posts on your page each month featuring kandi and don't forget to tag us!
  • participate in takeovers, meetups, the kandi bar friends group chat, and other community leadership opportunities
  • invite kandi bar as a "collaborator" on at least 1 post each month

sound like you? then apply here: