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EDM Life (12-pack)


The kandi bar EDM Life collection is the essence of electronic music. These kandi singles create magical moments of connection through song lyrics, rave humor, and kandi kid nostalgia.

Expect song lyrics, rave lifestyle, PLUR, musical self-expression, and lots of festival references. Perfect for mainstage ravers, EDC, rail riders, tour chasers, and shufflers. Get it if you love Excision, Diplo, or Subtronics.


  • NEW FOR 2023: new words, phrases, colors, and designs including glow in the dark beads, and cute charms
  • SAVE TIME: pre-made bracelets allow you to go b2b all season without ever running out of kandi
  • CELEBRATE PLUR: trading kandi at raves and festivals makes exciting moments unforgettable! Whether it's EDC, Ultra, Electric Forest, Coachella, or your favorite artist’s tour in your hometown, you’ll be ready for every event.
  • AUTHENTIC & UNIQUE: true to EDM culture and rave tradition, each set of kandi is a surprise, and you never know exactly which words, phrases, charms, or colors you'll get. Every pack is different!
  • KANDI FOR ALL: we have kandi for every type of raver and limited edition collabs with iconic influencers made just for you!
  • EDM LIFE: self explanatory but get it if you like lasers and wubz.


  • DIFFERENT EVERY TIME: Each collection contains a unique assortment of 12 kandi singles. Order more than one pack and get different words and phrases!
  • BE CHARMING: We added cute new charms to some of our designs for more fun! Charms include hearts, happy faces, disco balls, flowers, dollar signs, and SO MUCH MORE!
  • NOT YOUR BASIC BEADS: Made with the highest quality 7mm pony beads in a rainbow of translucent, glitter, color-changing, and glow-in-the-dark colors and patterns.
  • BIG STRETCH: The ultra-durable stretchy string was made to withstand trade after trade, even in harsh festival conditions.